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        "Thank you for meeting, thanks for being there"-Green New Materials marketing center full activity


        On November, all the staff of marketing center of Huzhou Green New Materials Co., Ltd. participated in an outdoor group building activity full of energy. Under the breeze, we take off the rigorous working state and enjoy the scenery and pleasure of nature; in the team interaction, we also make achievements by trusting each other.

        On the afternoon of November 9, everyone gathered from the company and set off. With full of laughter, they came to Anji, Wu Minle village, pure oxygen homestay, and began the two-day and one-night "thank you for meeting, thank you for your "-green new materials marketing center team building Tour ~

        After arriving at the venue, under the preside of Su Yujiao, the director of the marketing center, the sales work conference was held first.

        In the meeting, the sales work in January to October 2019 was summarized and experiences were shared, and a special seminar on accounts receivable was held.

        According to the current development trend of the company, plan the sales work in 2020 and formulate corresponding sales targets.

        After the intense meeting, naturally you need to relax. The night has come, and the interesting bonfire evening party is ready to open, with lively games and wonderful group dances, the romantic Kongming lantern surrounded the warm bonfire. Everyone had fun, learned to be grateful and spent a rich night.

        Sun rises from the east, and it is another nice day ! After a comfortable sleep, every partner is full of energy and enthusiasm!

        The life in the office is rigorous and orderly. This time when we come outdoors, we can fully relax after the intense work and increase the communication and communication between our friends.

        The colleagues and comrades who work and fight in the front line at ordinary times are divided into groups to compete, which is more competitive. Each group is built up within 15 minutes. The group culture is formed by team names, slogans, team shapes and team songs, it fully demonstrates the creativity and collaboration of our friends.

        This group building consists of 5 links in total, which seems to be 5 relaxing game links, but if you want to win, you must go through the cooperation of the team and overall planning to achieve it.

        Although every little game is very simple, it fully pulls the distance between each other, gets close to each other's heart and increases the tacit understanding of each other, it also makes our team understand unity, persistence and treasure.

        The lively faces and pictures of group cooperation all show that this activity not only improves the team spirit and team consciousness of the staff, but also through clear division of labor and cooperation, improve the team's coordination ability to deal with problems better, train the team to cooperate with each other for common goals, and complete tasks better and faster.

        In this short happy time of group building, we got familiar with each other, and our hearts were closer. Everyone can treat friends around him with enthusiasm, warmth and sincerity.

        I hope everyone can work hard in the future, let's transform into a better self, work hard together to build a better corporate culture, and create more precious memories.



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