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        LJ Special colorful paint

        PRODUCTS > LJ Coatings series > LJ Special colorful paint

        LJ Special colorful paint

        This product uses advanced production technology and water-based weather-resistant resin to produce a water-in-water-like granite colorful texture product.
        Area Applicable.
        The interior wall, exterior wall, line plate, decorative, special modeling and so on of the building.
        Cement surface, cement powder smooth surface, all kinds of plates, PC board, fiber board, etc.


        This product is a new product developed by using scientific and technological resin and production technology.

        Its multi-level granite coating pattern is different from the traditional exterior wall coating and collage tile style, which has more texture; with elaborate planning and design, it can fully express the texture of natural stone and improve the value of architecture.

        The coating has pollution resistance and durability, the construction is simple, the construction base surface is not limited, and it will not cause pollution to the construction environment.

        Surface Applicable 

        The strength of the base surface should be above 5kgf/cm "; the moisture content is below 10%; the pH value is below 10. 

        The weather temperature is above 5C; the relative air humidity is below 85%; the wind speed is below 5 m/s.

        Packing       20kg/barrel


        High-tech building coatings with colorful natural texture

        This product is a visual expression of coating pattern formed by the combination of multiple coating colors. It can easily and truly present the three-dimensional color texture which is not as good as that of common stone paint products, bring a new sense vision for your various buildings and landscape modeling.

        Super weather resistance

        This product is a new technology, weather-resistant UV-resistant multi-function coating; at the same time, it has the special functions of pollution-resistant, mould-proof, elastic waterproof, not easy to fall off, easy to clean, anti-cracking, etc. It can also adapt to the climate environment with large difference between high and low temperature.

        International environmental friendly green coating

        The exclusive and pioneering special multi-system composite formula, 100% safe and environmentally friendly ingredients, does not contain toxic heavy metals and low VOC, can ensure the storage of product materials and the stability of voyage transportation, as well as the stability under different temperature environments.

        Light weight and good texture

        The coating weight of this product is only 1/6 of that of ordinary real stone paint, 1/40 of dry hanging Stone, 1/20 of tiles; the coating pattern made of multiple colors, it can create the three-dimensional sense and layering sense of colors which are not as good as those of common real stone paint products.

        The best substitute for Crystal production of natural stone

        This product has rich color matching, clear layers, good color stability and good texture. Marble, granite, rusty Stone and other stone patterns can be easily presented, and it is a substitute product of natural stone.


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